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  • Wow, Im looking at this from my phone and i love it.

  • I’ll be using the software and running the survey. I think this product blows away SurveyMonkey which is used by other areas in the company.

  • Chamber has recently formed an exclusive online marketing partnership with new Chamber member, ConnectedView, whose all-in-one tool includes email marketing, social media, online survey, and website analytics. We are very happy with our first campaign that went out yesterday.

  • To say the email campaigns have been successful would be an understatement. The firm has noticed a significant jump in traffic to its website. The partners track who clicked on a link in the newsletter and how many times the link was clicked. Then we use the website visitor analysis tool to see the connections between site traffic and the email newsletter.

  • It’s exciting and gratifying to see such an immediate response when we send our emails, We are so appreciative to have your expertise and time and making this opportunity affordable to us and we look forward to a continued relationship for many years to come.

  • Things went really well. We have gotten a lot of good feedback and I had a chance today to take a look at the analytics, which will be very useful going forward. Thanks for all of your help in getting us up and running!

  • ConnectedView is a very user-friendly email platform with an easy to use template builder, social sharing, in-depth mail analytics, list management and excellent customer support.

  • I highly recommend this product to any business looking for a new email marketing partner

  • We struggled to keep people informed in an efficient way when we were using free software, but now those struggles are over because in ConnectedView the newsletter is easy to compose and send out to everyone.

  • We had so much fun with our survey also - people loved participating and we are excited that it will help us keep in touch with more of our alumni and volunteers.

  • The small financial investment will more than pay for itself in time saved and the ease of communicating with our network in a more professional manner.

  • I love this! I am amazed at some of the people that participated!

  • I am now pretty confident that ConnectedView has provided the easy button.

  • Out of the several survey generators and managers I've reviewed for that purpose; ConnectedView is the best experience offered for those who need to find out what can be done before they invest in an Upgrade.

  • I am now pretty confident that ConnectedView has provided the easy button.

  • Try it!