Website Visitor Analytics

Know who is visiting your website and what is driving the traffic so you can easily turn visitors into customers.

Find out who came to your website

Do you know how many visitors come to your website every day? Do you know where they come from? Our easy-to-read dashboard will tell you the essential information about each visit. How long do people stay on your website? Which specific pages do they visit? How many website visitors are also email subscribers? This information and more will be at your fingertips whenever you need it.

In-depth visitor information

  • View summary charts and graphs to quickly determine top visitors, web pages, and search terms
  • Analyze visitor data over a period of time – today, last 24 hours, last week, last month, etc.
  • Identify peak traffic hours for your website
  • Search for a specific visitor and analyze the detail of the visit
  • Track detailed timelines of each visit to determine interest in particular areas
  • Group visitors by attributes, such as location and time spent on your website
  • Compare trends over time by viewing historical visits
  • Distinguish between unique visitors and repeat visitors
  • Create custom views of visitor data to see as little or as much data as needed
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Drill down into the details of each visit

Now that you know who came to your website and what they looked at, you can quickly turn these people into real sales opportunities. Find out if the visits are the result of one of your email campaigns. Look them up on social media sites if you don’t know them already. We give you the tools to convert unknown visitors into your next customers.

More information lets you do better marketing

  • Drill down into visitor details from high-level charts and graphs
  • View detailed information about each visitor, such as company information and the search terms they used to find your website
  • Make connections between website visitors and previously sent email campaigns
  • Match website visitors to existing contacts in ConnectedView
  • See which visitors came from which social media websites
  • Look up contact profiles for visitors on LinkedIn
  • Receive visitor demographic information from Google Places
  • Evaluate visitor interest levels with detailed timelines of each visit
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