About Our Partner Program

Whether you’re an experienced product reseller, or considering becoming a product reseller for the first time, we have you covered. Our program was designed to provide you with all the essential elements you’ll need to resell our solution and support making you successful. And of course, revenue share too. No guarantee, but we might even make you look like a hero to your customers and prospects when you introduce them to ConnectedView’s solution.

Everyone starting out in our program is provided with training on how to use our products before they can start reselling our solution to their customers and prospects. Why? Because we want to make sure you know how to use our solution well, and have the skills to convey all the unique aspects of this product. Let’s just say we want to give you and your customers an unfair advantage to becoming even more successful with their marketing activities.

To help you continue to build your business, we will also provide you with support and full access to our product.

Snapshot of our Program Benefits:

  • Free ConnectedView account for you to market and grow your business, with full access to our comprehensive online marketing tool (e.g., email marketing, survey, social media marketing, website and visitor analytics, and SEO analysis tool), providing you with a 360-degree view of your inbound and outbound marketing activities
  • The ability to send out 75,000 emails per year
  • Complete V.I.P. product training and accreditation on our solution
  • A thorough on-boarding process to ensure you are set up to be a successful partner from the start
  • Co-branded marketing and sales tools to market and resell this solution to your customers and prospects
  • A partner portal containing all the elements to become a productive partner and seamlessly manage your reseller customers
  • Partner Program Member logo
  • A referral link to place on your website to credit you with new customers you bring to us via your website
  • Generous revenue share opportunities with (3) partner levels offering 18%, 35%, and 50% revenue shares