Is Your Website a Frightmare?

FrightmarePutting together a well-designed website is a somewhat easy job. That is not the issue here – it’s designing one that actually represents your business and speaks to your customers – that’s the trick. Well we’ve got a treat for you that will take away those fears. ConnectedView can show you the steps to take to make certain that you produce not only an effective SEO website, but makes sure that your target audience can find your website in their searches. By running the “Site Report Card”, you will be able to drill down on the exact issues you need to focus on – Images, Links, Keywords, Backlinks, and Sitemap.

Let’s talk about images. Some of the best sites I’ve visited have an excellent design given that they have beautiful images. By running the Site Report Card, you will be able to scare up any broken images, images without Alt Attribute, without Meta Keywords in Alt Attribute and without Expires Attribute. Keep in mind, customers will decide whether they’re interested in your site within the first few seconds of seeing it, so you want to make sure everything is up to par.

Links is another area you want to keep an eye on. Almost all sites have dead or broken links. Don’t you worry – errors happen, content gets modified, file names/locations get adjusted, and external links change. In order to stop making these classic mistakes on a regular basis, the Site Report Card can show you all the broken links, timed out links, longs links, links with too many parameters and so on. Basically, if there’s anything wrong containing a link – we are on it.

Another thing to keep in mind is the Sitemap. A Sitemap helps a search engine navigate and index your website so it can serve up all your pages to possible customers. Having an up-to-date Sitemap is the key. Without one, your site may not get indexed and will end up at the graveyard with all the others.

Let’s also talk about keywords and backlinks. Picking the correct keywords to get visitors to your site is one of the fundamental facets of e-marketing and SEO. What makes a “good” keyword worthy, and what makes a “bad” keyword not so worthy? The Site Report Card will show you the high frequency keywords on each page for your site that aren’t helping. As far as backlinks go, there’s really no denying their value. The number and quality of the backlinks pointing to your site play a huge role in your site’s performance on search engines. Our analysis will show you the total number of backlinks and who they’re from so you can keep track.

The idea of designing and keeping up with your site can sound scary especially if you don’t have a lot of knowledge/experience in this field. ConnectedView can help take the fright away and make the experience easier for you.

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