To Upsell or to Upsell?

Increase SalesAnybody that’s been in sales knows that a customer doesn’t always end up buying JUST what they came to get. From a revenue standpoint, suggesting a higher priced product or an additional product that wasn’t on their list is always worth suggesting. What do you have to lose? You actually have everything to gain! So can this strategy be used in email marketing?

If you are an online shopper like me, you had to have noticed when websites use cross-sell and upsell techniques like “You might also like this….” Or “Customers who view this also viewed these items…” It is amazing how many times that actually works on consumers – I go for it every time. With emails though, that is not exactly how it works. You must keep in mind that your consumer’s attention span is limited so you really don’t have much room to work with. You have to make your offers pop just like the flashing signs on those websites.

The first step to upselling is knowing what your customer wants and their purchasing behavior. If you haven’t done so yet, please make sure and set up analytics on your website.  The goal is to make a sale so you want to understand how and what your customers are purchasing. You will be able to track the clicks and see how many customers are coming to your because of your marketing emails. You’re looking to see who’s hit your order/purchase confirmation page. You can also track their past purchases and then send them an email with specials on related products.

Once you have done the research and you are familiar with your customer’s, you can start reaching out to them. One of the ways to present new offers in a unique way is through Transactional emails. A Transactional email for example is a bill notice or any other type of weekly or monthly email you receive automatically about a service. They are a great way to engage your current customer with new promotions or products. Since you already know what the customer has purchased, it’s easier to match them up with new products and services. I recently went through this myself when I received a bill from my cellphone company via email and was also reminded that I was due for an upgrade on that product – upsell!

While upselling is a great strategy, don’t forget that customers DO need to opt in to your emails in order to keep receiving them. They haven’t yet? Well this might be the biggest upsell yet.

Do you need help getting started upselling? ConnectedView has a powerful solution combining Website Analytics and Email Marketing.

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