3 Videos to Watch Before Creating an Email Campaign

email marketingCreating your first email campaign is always really exciting but it can also be scary at the same time. There is a lot that needs to be done to create a successful campaign. You need to get together your email contacts,  create content for your email and find images that compliment your message. Finally, everything needs to be put together in an email template. You have enough to worry about, so to get you acquainted with ConnectedView’s powerful email tools, we have pulled three great educational videos you should watch before getting started.

Recipient List Overview

HTML Editor Overview

How to Create an Email Campaign

Need more help, we’re here for you! We have an extensive library of FAQ’s and video tutorials to help you along the way at http://support.connctedview.com. Also you can talk with us live by phone at 855.828.2468 or chat online with us Monday thru Friday 8am – 6pm. Or you can email us any time at support@connectedview.com.

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