Survey Says….

Survey KeyboardCheck your inbox and I am sure there are a few surveys that you’ve received from several vendors. Surveys are everywhere. Companies rely heavily on customer satisfaction so what’s a better way to understand your customer if not a survey? Keep in mind that not all surveys are created equal. The ones that aren’t put together well will bring you inaccurate results or worse – target the wrong audience and yet again it will produce inaccurate results. You want to get good data from a survey? Then you must develop a great survey questionnaire. Regardless if you are mailing out your surveys or doing them online, you will need to know the steps of perfecting a survey questionnaire.

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Tips for Using Social Media to Your Advantage

Social MediaWith the population being over 7 billion, it might seems like the world is huge but really we are all closer than ever thanks to social media. All these new modernisms have made our lives much more convenient when it comes to reaching out to old friends/relatives. Yet these new platforms are even more reliable and effective for marketers and people in the business world who are looking to increase sales.

We have put together a few tips on how to use social media to increase your sales.

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