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Coupon cut outIf you are running the type of business that uses email marketing to sell your products and services, chances are you have sent out discount codes and coupons to your subscribers. This comes in extremely handy with what seems like a holiday every month.  Being an avid shopper myself, I know that consumers decide where to shop based on the sales and discounts. However, emailing out these offers is a craft of its own and you’ve come to the right place to learn what you need to know in order to get the best results.

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To Upsell or to Upsell?

Increase SalesAnybody that’s been in sales knows that a customer doesn’t always end up buying JUST what they came to get. From a revenue standpoint, suggesting a higher priced product or an additional product that wasn’t on their list is always worth suggesting. What do you have to lose? You actually have everything to gain! So can this strategy be used in email marketing?

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We Want You to Join Our Team!

ConnectedView ( is a fast-growing company located in Southborough, Mass., that is comprised of a team of people that enjoy working hard together to accomplish our goals. We take our jobs very seriously, but we maintain a friendly, casual environment. Every person on our team makes an impact and their opinions are highly valued. There is unlimited room for growth and advancement at ConnectedView.

Our software combines the power of email marketing, social media, surveys, website visitor analytics, and website analysis to simplify eMarketing efforts.

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