An Opened Newsletter doesn’t Necessarily Mean a Read Newsletter

Web_Survey2Do you spend time each week, month or quarter putting together a newsletter to share with your customers?  If you put the time and effort into a newsletter, you want to make sure that it’s being read and, more importantly, that it’s encouraging your customers to take action. General statistics will show you who opened it and who clicked on what links, but, unless you are sitting next to them, it’s really hard to tell if they actually read any part of it, let alone the whole thing.  Just because they opened it, doesn’t mean they read it. Why not spend some time this summer asking your audience for some feedback?

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How to Avoid Being Seen as a Spammer and Build Your Deliverability Reputation over Time

No Spam Barrier Blockade Barricade E-Mail FilterGetting an email into your subscribers’ inboxes shouldn’t be a challenge. After all, these are people who have asked to hear from you, so they want your email messages.

But thanks — or rather, no thanks — to spammers, email clients like Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, and are on their guard nowadays, and are doing what they can to preserve the user experience, tightening and refining their spam filters to keep out the unwanted messages.

The good news is that there are things you can do to get on the email clients’ good side and ensure that your emails will be considered legitimate messages and not spam. Even better: They’re not hard to do.

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