Should I test before I send? YES!

Tested Stamp Shows Approved Or PassedGiven that different email programs will show your HTML email in different ways, it’s always a good idea to carefully check your campaign. Once you are constructing your email campaign, you will see it in a browser preview. When you actually send it out however, that exact same email will be seen in any number of different ways. For example – Desktop email apps such as Outlook or Apple Mail, web based email such as Gmail or Hotmail and more and more on smart phones and devices like an iPad.

The email you sent could be rendered differently in an email client versus a browser, and it might look differently in Outlook than it would in Gmail. And as if that isn’t enough, there are certain web based email platforms that actually work differently depending on the browser you access them through. What should you be looking out for? Well, the kinds of dissimilarities you may see could contain padding and margin deviations, spacing, background pictures not showing up, CSS being overlooked and much, much more.

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