Six Easy Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

hand press button and e-mailSending out successful email campaigns is an important way to market your business and help it succeed.

Of course, that’s no longer a trade secret, as every business and nonprofit organization is now competing for attention in the inbox. That makes for a lot of split-second decisions, with people deciding whether to open or delete emails they receive almost instantly.

How can you stand out in an overcrowded inbox? Here are six easy tips that will help you do so, and reach the most people possible.  Continue reading

Are Your Outbound and Inbound Marketing Efforts Hitting the Sweet Spot?

CupcakesIt wasn’t so long ago that marketers were screaming from the rooftops about their new favorite duo: Email marketing and social media.

They’re like peanut butter and jelly!

Peas and carrots!

Batman and Robin!

Two great tools that work even better when used together!

Fast forward a couple years, and the fact that email and social media go together is old news. (Yawn.) Now there’s a new favorite marketing team: Outbound and inbound.

Most of the marketing you do now is probably of the outbound variety. Email, social media, online surveys … those are all outbound communications. “Push” messaging, if you will.

On the other hand, inbound marketing is a catch-all term for the activities that increase the amount of website traffic that comes your way organically. I’m talking about content marketing (blogging, etc.) and search-engine optimization (SEO), among other things — tactics that make it easier for potential customers to find you on their own. Continue reading

Why Do My Emails Show Differently in Certain Email Clients?


Not all email clients support the same styles.

There’s only one way to create a beautiful email, and that’s with HTML and inline CSS. Continue reading