When Was The Last Time You Did Spring Cleaning?

Spring CleaningSpring cleaning is upon us! It’s time to open up all your windows and let all those cobwebs fly away. Have you ever thought about doing the same with your recipient lists? You’ve already spent all this time designing the template/newsletter just right and you are now ready to reach out to your customers. But who will receive the emails? Which recipients only want info concerning certain topics? Are your emails getting to people who actually want them? Are your bounce rates still high? Answering those questions is an important step on your path to a shiny and polished list.  By scrubbing the list, you can reduce the chances of unsubscribes and customers marking you as SPAM. The steps below will help you identify and remove contacts that may be damaging your overall reputation and allow you to increase your content quality ranking, improve your “open” rates and most importantly – you will be an online marketing superstar!

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