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Survey KeyboardCheck your inbox and I am sure there are a few surveys that you’ve received from several vendors. Surveys are everywhere. Companies rely heavily on customer satisfaction so what’s a better way to understand your customer if not a survey? Keep in mind that not all surveys are created equal. The ones that aren’t put together well will bring you inaccurate results or worse – target the wrong audience and yet again it will produce inaccurate results. You want to get good data from a survey? Then you must develop a great survey questionnaire. Regardless if you are mailing out your surveys or doing them online, you will need to know the steps of perfecting a survey questionnaire.

Like with any project – research is a must! Before you begin to put together your survey, it is vital to plan out every step of your survey. What’s a better place to start then getting to know your audience? It really wouldn’t be the best idea to start carelessly distributing surveys. Keep in mind that when you are outlining your target audience, you want find a group of people that will be more willing to take your survey. The people who care about your product will most likely participate and be truthful with their answers.

The design of a survey can look easy however it can be a very tricky thing. There are lots of factors to consider – the choice of questions, the style and the design. These are the elements that can make or break your survey. Clear and concise language when putting together your questions is always a must. To avoid language pit falls, it’s always a good idea to use questions that begin with who, what, where, why and how.  The questions that you want to avoid are those that are loaded, ambiguous, leading or those that contain jargon. Ambiguous questions tend to be confusing and loaded questions might hint to the survey taker how you want them to respond. These survey faux pas can happen without you even realizing it so keep an eye out and keep things simple yet comforting to the survey taker.

When it comes to conducting a survey, there are many ways to do it. Email and online are becoming most popular environments when it comes to conducting surveys. It’s a win-win for both parties – it makes it easier for the people to respond and painless (almost) for the surveyor. The biggest benefit being the survey results are instantly calculated online and can be easily downloaded onto your computer.

In the end, it really doesn’t matter what the survey is about or what the company does – it’s best to approach every survey with thoughtfulness. The construction and the design of a survey may come off as easy but don’t be fooled – no survey is simple. You want good results? You need great research, great questions and last but not least a great strategy.

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