Make a Splash This Summer Season!

Summer saleSummer officially started just a few days ago but oh boy the warmer temperatures have really taken over. You know what this means – time for small businesses to get imaginative with their marketing strategies. So what if you don’t sell items that are summery, you can still be summery with your campaign theme right?

Here are five summery ways to increase revenue and build up your name this season.

1 – It’s a scorcher out there but the prices don’t have to be

Offer special summer deals! Are we going to hit 96 degrees today? I think so! Well, if the customer spends $96, they get a discount. Coming from a professional shopper, depending on the discount, you can count me in. You can also advertise creatively – “Sweltering Summer Sales” for the hot summer days or for those not so sunny days, you can still make it work for your business. If there’s not much to do outside then what’s left? “Rainy Day Reductions” of course!

2 – Perfect time for giveaways

Offer summer related swag! As a reward for shopping, (everyone loves free things) give your customers a free beach towel, summer hat, flip flops or a bottle of sunscreen is always appreciated. If your company is more service driven, you should think about giving your patrons a summer related item when they come for their consultation/appointment.

3 – Kick it up a notch

Advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. This is a great time to get creative with window paint or chalk art that will bring in foot traffic.  Try brightening up your store front with a pop of color – bright and fresh flowers are always a great touch in any setting. If it catches the eye of a passerby, chances are they are coming in to see what else you got.

4 – Give your customers an incentive for spreading the word

Social media is your best friend when it comes to marketing. Let your shoppers know to post a picture of their purchase or check –in to the location or use specific hashtags (the possibilities are endless) and they can receive a discount – easy peasy! There are other ways to use social media to your benefit: you customers can get a discount on their future purchase if they post a picture of themselves using one of your products OR hold a contest! Fourth of July is right around the corner so you can ask for customers to submit of the most patriotic photo – maybe a shopping spree as a reward? Who wouldn’t like that?!

5 – Appreciate your clientele – Reach out to them!

You can show them your appreciation for their patronage by hosting a BBQ or giving away tickets to a baseball game or a round of golf or maybe hold a free class. This will show that you care about your customers and will keep them coming back season after season.

Keep these ideas in mind as we jump right into the summer season!

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