When Was The Last Time You Did Spring Cleaning?

Spring CleaningSpring cleaning is upon us! It’s time to open up all your windows and let all those cobwebs fly away. Have you ever thought about doing the same with your recipient lists? You’ve already spent all this time designing the template/newsletter just right and you are now ready to reach out to your customers. But who will receive the emails? Which recipients only want info concerning certain topics? Are your emails getting to people who actually want them? Are your bounce rates still high? Answering those questions is an important step on your path to a shiny and polished list.  By scrubbing the list, you can reduce the chances of unsubscribes and customers marking you as SPAM. The steps below will help you identify and remove contacts that may be damaging your overall reputation and allow you to increase your content quality ranking, improve your “open” rates and most importantly – you will be an online marketing superstar!

Luckily, if you are a ConnectedView customer, we will take care of some of the spring cleaning for you and help disinfect your recipient list!  Here are a few examples of how we help:

1. Duplicate and Invalid Emails

ConnectedView automatically cleans duplicates from your lists and checks to make sure that each email address is correctly formatted.

2. Recipients who have unsubscribed

If a recipient asks to be removed from the list, ConnectedView will automatically unsubscribe them for you.

3. Bounced Emails

For any emails that are hard bounced (such as an email that no longer exists), we will automatically unsubscribe them from your list. If an email has a soft bounce (such as a full mailbox), we will continue to try to deliver it, but if it turns into a hard bounce, we’ll unsubscribe those too.

It’s always a good idea to perform some additional maintenance to keep your list shiny. Here are some other ideas to get you started:

1. Learn about the people who are not opening your emails.

Create a list of recipients that didn’t open your last email (it’s just the press of a button in ConnectedView). You can reach out to those people with a quick survey and ask questions like “Are you interested in hearing from us again?”, “How often would you like to receive our emails?”,“What are you interested in hearing about?”, “When was the last time you came to our event?”.

2. Listen to your audience.

If your recipients take the time to tell you what they are interested in hearing about and how frequently, make sure you pay attention to them. If they only want to hear about a promotion once a month, then you should only send one email each month to them. People who don’t think you are listening to them, may be more likely to report you as spam.

3. Investigate your bounced emails.

Sometimes an email bounces because of certain spam filters that your recipients have setup on their servers. It’s a good idea to reach out to them and ask that you be placed on their “safe sender” list. A bounced email could also be the result of a simple spelling error, so those can be easily resolved.

4. Unsubscribe recipients that are not active.

Everyone wants to have a lot of people on their list, but with email marketing, it’s more important that you have a clean list of engaged people. If there are people who never open your email, then there is a bigger chance of you being seen as someone sending spam to them. It’s a good idea to just take them off your list if you cannot engage them.

5. Replace generic email addresses.

If you have a lot of email addresses that start with things like info@, sales@, or support@, it’s a good idea to contact those companies to see if you can get a single person’s email address to opt-in to your list.  Generic emails like these tend to get caught in spam filters and are less likely to have opted-in to your communications.

6. Take a look at old emails.

Are the people who have been on your list for a long time still active?  If not, try to reach out to them with a special incentive, such as a coupon for them being a long-time customer. If you’re still not seeing them open the email or click on the links, it may be time to take them off your list.

As time goes by, your list will get cleaner and cleaner and it will surely be much easier than spring cleaning your house :)

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