Are you paying attention to what your website visitors are telling you?

Magnifier glass signYou may be tracking the visitors to your website and the pages that they are looking at, but are you paying attention to the important information that they are revealing to you during their visit?  Here are a few valuable things you could learn about your online marketing practices:

  1. Is your website mobile-friendly?

    More and more people are using mobile devices to search for websites.  If yours doesn’t look good or is not easy to use on a mobile device, chances are they are going to quickly move on to the next one.  See who is coming from a device such as an iPhone, Kindle or Droid – are they only looking at one page and then leaving or do they stay awhile and look around?  If they are leaving right away, it may be a good idea to invest some time into making your website more mobile-friendly.

  2. What are your visitors looking for?

    The search terms that people use to find your website can indicate if the right people are finding you or not.  If the search terms being used are surprising and unexpected, you should make sure that you are actually using your desired search terms in the content of your website.  Search terms are also a great way to find out if the majority of visitors are looking for the same thing.  That will help you focus on what your audience perceives as the most important.

  3. Which social media sites are helping you the most?

    These days it is so important to have a presence on social media.  You may have customers that are finding you through social media that you are not even aware of.  Find out if they are coming from sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn – it will help you focus your message to the sites that work best for you and your business.  It may even help you find a social media site that you didn’t know existed.

  4. Are your email and survey campaigns being read?

    It’s great to know who opened your email and even who clicked on a link, but do you know if they ever came to your website?  Start at a high level and see if your total visits increase the day of and day after a campaign.  If the visits each day are pretty much the same, then perhaps your campaigns are not compelling enough for people to read and to take the time to find out more on your website.   This can also be used to find out which campaigns were the most successful so that you can continue with what works best.

  5. What pages on your website are getting the most attention?

    Take a look at the pages that have the most visitors.  Are those the pages that you thought would be popular?  If not, maybe you need to make some changes to the ones that you wanted more people to see.  Perhaps you are not making your point clear or making it easy for the visitor to find the page.  Or maybe your audience is telling you what they think is important and you need to adjust your focus.

  6. Is there a page that causes people to leave?

    You can learn a lot from visitor patterns.  If people are taking the time to look around your site, but always leave when they get to the pricing page, maybe your prices seem too high.  If you take some time to see if there is a trend amongst the visits, it will help you identify problematic pages that may be turning people away.  You can try making a few changes to that page and see if the trend changes.

  7. Where are your visitors located?

    By understanding the geographic location of where your visitors are, you can make strategic decisions and target your message.  If you market your business nationwide, and you notice that there are a lot of people in the Chicago area looking at your website, then it may be a good idea to target that area with a special promotion.  People tend to pay more attention to a business that they identify with locally.

The thought of analyzing all of this data can be paralyzing, however, it is incredibly valuable to your business.  At ConnectedView, we help you not only simplify the process, but we take the guess work out of the equation.  With easy to read graphs and charts, drilldown into detailed information and making the connection between campaigns and visitors, all the hard work is done for you.  We help you answer all of the questions from above plus more.

Sound interesting?  We give you full access to your web visitor data in our free 30-day trial.  Click here to start a trial and see for yourself just how powerful it can be.

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