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We Want You to Join Our Team!

ConnectedView (www.connectedview.com) is a fast-growing company located in Southborough, Mass., that is comprised of a team of people that enjoy working hard together to accomplish our goals. We take our jobs very seriously, but we maintain a friendly, casual environment. Every person on our team makes an impact and their opinions are highly valued. There is unlimited room for growth and advancement at ConnectedView.

Our software combines the power of email marketing, social media, surveys, website visitor analytics, and website analysis to simplify eMarketing efforts.

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Why Do My Emails Show Differently in Certain Email Clients?


Not all email clients support the same styles.

There’s only one way to create a beautiful email, and that’s with HTML and inline CSS. Continue reading

How Does Your Website Compare with Your Competitors' Websites?

Did you ever wonder how your website compares to your competitors’ websites?

It’s important to know if other websites are showing up instead of yours when people search using certain keywords.

One way to do this is to go to the various search engines, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, type in a keyword, hit Search, and then analyze the results to see where your website appears compared to your competitors.

But, that can take time away from more important things.

We have a better solution. Continue reading