Improve Your Email Open Rates

Email InboxAre you tired of sending out those carefully written emails only to get no responses back? We’ve come up with some tips to help you make sure that your emails actually get noticed and read. Some of the things to focus on would be the subject line, the tone of the email, the content and so on.

Since about a fourth, if not less, of your emails will actually get opened, you want to make sure that the subject line stands out.  Short and catchy subject lines will be able to boost your open rates. If there’s something kind of mystery in a subject, you can count on me to open it. Also, a personalized subject line means you took the time to speak to that person directly which is an email that has a higher chance of getting read. Now, once you have them hooked with your memorable subject line you should focus on the tone of the email itself. You want to come off as someone who others can connect to. If the tone of the email translates into the fact that you care about hearing back from that person, chances are they will respond. You just don’t want to come off like you just wrote a mass email or be too gimmicky. Formal language and using “Sir” and “Madam” is not going to work here – you want to be relatable.

The body of the email should be short and sweet – simple and easy to break down. Nobody likes to get a huge email especially if it’s coming from someone they don’t know. The point is to keep the reader interested so you want to do some research and find out what resonates with your audience. You might also want to figure out more about what they do or what their company does. You want to be clear about why you are emailing them and let them in on how you can solve a problem they could be having.

When it’s time to come to the end of the email, you want to specify a complete and clear call to action. Whether the email is about a meeting, a phone call or a demo, you want to make it really simple for the addressee to say “Yes”.  You don’t want to give a choice or ask for permission.

So now that we know what the email should look like – when should you send it? Well, you don’t want to send it out when you are busy so that counts Monday mornings out. We suggest sticking to the middle of the week and in the afternoon for best results when sending out emails. Timing is everything.

It’s always a great idea to test things out and send yourself the email first. You want to put yourself in the readers’ shoes. Would you open and read this email? Would you actually spend more than two seconds reading it?

After reading this, you might have thought to yourself that you already knew all of this.

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