An Online Survey Can Ask for More than Customer Feedback

LuckyPupWhen most people think of an online survey, they think of customer feedback, and questions that ask recipients to rate, rank, and weigh in on their recent experiences.

Some businesses use a survey to ask customers for ideas and insights that they can use for future planning. For example, restaurants often ask about menu items they’re thinking about adding, and housecleaning businesses ask about additional services its clients might need.

Another way to use a survey is to collect more information about the members of your mailing list. After all, the more you know about your customers and what they want to hear from you, the better your communications to them can be. (Just be sure you’re making it clear what the incentive for giving this information is, and that you’re not just being nosy.)

Those are all great, but did you realize you can use an online survey for more fun purposes too?

5 years, 20 questions

Here at ConnectedView, we’re big fans of Lucky Pup Rescue, a dog rescue organization in Kennebunkport, Maine. Lucky Pup is celebrating its fifth birthday this year (hooray!), and it wanted to involve its email subscribers, Facebook fans, and supporters in the celebration.

There’s plenty for Lucky Pup to brag about and look back on. But rather than send out a lot of information about the important milestone — which might bore supporters and make them less interested — Lucky Pup decided to use an online survey to create a 20-question trivia quiz that would see how well people knew the organization, making it a truly interactive occasion and a real cause for celebration.

LuckyPupAnswersThe quiz was featured in the January 2013 issue of Lucky Pup’s email newsletter, and also posted on the organization’s Facebook Page. Questions relating to highlights of the past five years focused the most common breeds of dogs, the largest litter of puppies, the color of the most commonly adopted dogs, and other things — questions that maybe only a board member would know the answers to, but topics that supporters and volunteers would enjoy learning about.

The trivia game was open for one week, and to call it a success would be an understatement. The organization received hundreds of responses, with most subscribers answering at least a couple questions. The person who answered the most questions correctly won a dog-themed prize package.

“We had so much fun with our survey,” explains Sue Richardson, president. “People loved participating, and we’re excited that it will help us keep in touch with more of our alumni and volunteers. It’s one less worry, so we can focus on the important business of saving dogs!”

Lucky Pup knew the best way to engage its supporters in the organization’s milestone and show off the many things it was proud of was to engage and entertain, not just push information.

The organization thought outside the online survey box and reaped the benefits of its creative idea.

What other creative ways to use an online survey can you think of? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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