An Opened Newsletter doesn’t Necessarily Mean a Read Newsletter

Web_Survey2Do you spend time each week, month or quarter putting together a newsletter to share with your customers?  If you put the time and effort into a newsletter, you want to make sure that it’s being read and, more importantly, that it’s encouraging your customers to take action. General statistics will show you who opened it and who clicked on what links, but, unless you are sitting next to them, it’s really hard to tell if they actually read any part of it, let alone the whole thing.  Just because they opened it, doesn’t mean they read it. Why not spend some time this summer asking your audience for some feedback?


It can be overwhelming coming up with the right questions to ask, so we thought we’d put together a list for you to pick and choose from. Here are some that we think we’ll get you the answers that you’re looking for…


How did you subscribe to the newsletter?
How long have you been a subscriber?
What would make you unsubscribe?
Would you tell a friend to subscribe?


Is the layout neat and easy to read?
Is the length too short, just right or too long?
Do you like the colors used?
Is the font too big, too small or just right?
Do you like the amount of images used?
Do you like the layout of each section?
Does the newsletter look professional?


Are the articles the right length?
Do you find the articles interesting?
Is the information useful?
Are the articles relevant?
What do you think of the quality of the writing?
What sections do you like the most?
What sections do you like the least?
Is there something new you’d like us to include?


Does the newsletter consistently arrive in your inbox?
Do you ever have a problem receiving our newsletter?
What device do you read the newsletter on?
Do you prefer to read it in HTML or plain text?
Do you like the frequency?
What day of the week would you like to receive it?
What time of the day do you usually read it?
Do you read our newsletter on our social media sites?


What percentage of the newsletter do you usually read?
Do you ever refer back to old newsletters?
Why do you read the newsletter?
Why don’t you read the newsletter?
Do you look forward to the next newsletter?
Have you ever registered for an event that you found out about in the newsletter?
Have you ever taken advantage of a special offered in the newsletter?

Not sure if people will take the time to answer your questions? Be sure to keep it short and only ask the questions that are important to you. Using skip logic can keep the questions relevant to each person – if they tell you that they read the whole newsletter each time, maybe you don’t want to ask them all of the questions. You can also make it fun for your customers to participate by offering a small gift for randomly selected respondents (just be sure to get their contact information at the end of the survey).

Once you have your responses, be sure to take a look at what your customers are saying and make the appropriate changes. When customers take the time to give feedback, they usually expect to see some results. Why not share some of the survey statistics in a section of the next newsletter or even put an exciting headline such as “Our New Newsletter – Designed by You!”?  If you listen to your customers, chances are, they’ll listen to you.

Are your customers reading your newsletters? Leave a comment below to let us know what works for you!!

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