The Dos and Don’ts of Mobile Email Marketing

Building Digital Tablets HorizontalCommunicating via emails is becoming one of the most popular online activities. Mobile marketing in particular is taking off especially with start-ups and companies who want to connect with the younger generations. This is a new area that currently isn’t too congested with competition, but that is changing fast. So those who want the largest share of the pie need to hurry. That being said, not all emails are created equal and mistakes happen. So let’s talk about some DOs and DON’Ts that will help make your mobile marketing campaign a success!

First thing first – you DO need to be able to understand your audience/customer and their needs. If your reader isn’t happy, they really don’t need very strong reasons to unsubscribe.

Make sure that you DO keep timing in mind. You want to remember that everyone has their daily lives and working hours.

DO optimize for mobile devices. The content of your emails should look just as good on laptops as it does on a cellphone.

DO use mobile technology. Speaking from personal experience, customers love apps, coupon codes and mobile coupons. These types of things make you stand out as a modern company and boost your online reputation. It’s also a great way to promote a contest or a campaign.

Detail, detail, detail – make sure you DO care about details. Given that mobile devices have smaller screen space, you want to make sure to use your pixel size wisely.

Make sure and DO get customer feedback. The best kinds of feedback you can get are the honest and spontaneous ones – this can provide really great insight. Keep in mind that you might also get negative feedback so be ready to have an open mind and make any necessary changes.

Now that we have that covered – how about some pointers on the DON’Ts?

DON’T send something just to send something. Your content should be based off of your customers’ insights. If not than you are just spamming your customers’ inboxes.

DON’T use a drawn-out call to action. You don’t have a lot of space to work with so every character counts. You want to be clear and to the point.

You’re not going to like this (I know I don’t) but make sure you DON’T overlook testing. Your customers are not there to let you know about a bug in the system – that’s on you. Be sure to check everything as many times as necessary and as often as needed.

DON’T make too many offers. You don’t want to cause clutter and reduce the usefulness of your actual email.

Would you like to add any advice to the above? We’d love to see your comments and recommendations.

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