Inbound or Outbound Marketing, Which Do You Use?

marketingAre you a business owner? Then you know all about the importance of marketing your business and spreading the word about your products and services. The success of your business depends greatly on the marketing you do. No marketing = no customers. Traditionally, outbound marketing has been the go to when it comes to marketing but it has really changed over the last few years.  Companies have been turning to inbound marketing for their advertising strategies. At the same time, there are people out there who might not be familiar with the differences between the two. Once you understand the pluses and minuses, you will be able to create a better marketing plan for your company and brand.

Let’s talk outbound marketing. To put it in simple terms – it’s a strategy that a company puts in use when they are promoting products/services by presenting information to the consumers regardless if they are looking for those products/services or not. This is done through TV ads, print ads, telemarketing ads, trade shows, radio, and regular mail and so on.  This is also the reason that outbound marketing has gotten itself a bit of a nickname – interruptive marketing. What I just described is the way to seek out your customers with one way communication.  You’re not really educating your customer about anything but your product and services.

With inbound marketing, communication between customers and companies is a two way street. Inbound marketing feeds the funnel. For example, a twitter user can mention a company that interests them and ask them direct questions via social media. The company can respond directly to that user and a possible relationship begins. This way, your prospective customers come to you instead of you chasing them. Instead of you bragging and telling them how great you are, the potential customers get to make up their minds about your firm.

People don’t need their privacy invaded because they want to find out about a product. Consumers are not going into this blindly – there is homework to be done. Consumers are spending a lot of their time researching products/services before they buy them. At the same time they are not just looking up prices and coupons – they are looking at social media pages and shares from other consumers who have written helpful reviews or blog posts.

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, figuring out your marketing process is a learning process. So what are you waiting for? Get Started Today!

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