Don’t End Up in the Junk Folder

spam_computerIt’s a war out there and SPAM is enemy number one! There are plenty of casualties – valid emails are being wrongly channeled by spam filters to bulk folders. If your marketing results are suffering because you are struggling to reach inboxes, keep reading for some useful tips.

Purchased lists? Avoid them like the plague. I know that we all want to be able to grow our list by millions of contacts in no time but let’s be serious – you know buying a list won’t get you permanent results. These lists are like ticking bombs on the war field – just waiting to shatter your reputation. They are filled with spam traps and fake emails – nobody on that list agreed to receive emails from you. If you are lucky, your email will just end up in the junk folder and hopefully you won’t get marked as a spammer but chances are that you will be. If you are thinking of buying a list and using it – STOP NOW.

The next tip is simple but sometimes we a hard time with it – watch what you say. The spam filters are regularly examining your content. There isn’t a magic formula to boost up your deliverability percentage but know that using words like free, promo, buy and so on brings that percentage down and opens up the door to the junk folder. Stick to linking to sites that are valid and have trustworthy domains. Don’t get crazy with the size of the email either –stick to 30kb.

We all wrote in our yearbooks that we will stay in touch but this time you really do have to stay in touch. Sending out emails once every two or three months can be more harmful than sending out multiple emails daily. Out sight out of mind – your readers might forget you even exist. If they are not recognizing your name in the “From” field, your “open” ratio will most likely suffer. Or worse – they could forget they ever agreed to receive your emails and might mark you as spam.

Remember, not even the most beautiful email template can produce conversions if it lands in the junk folder.

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