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Coupon cut outIf you are running the type of business that uses email marketing to sell your products and services, chances are you have sent out discount codes and coupons to your subscribers. This comes in extremely handy with what seems like a holiday every month.  Being an avid shopper myself, I know that consumers decide where to shop based on the sales and discounts. However, emailing out these offers is a craft of its own and you’ve come to the right place to learn what you need to know in order to get the best results.

You have to hook your readers with a great subject line. Key words like “coupon”, “free”, “save”, “% off”, and “sale” will always get attention but you want to test it out and see what works best for your audience. You also want to be mindful of how you present your deals. Your presentation will have quite an impact on whether or not people will use it. Something trivial like the color or font of a link can make a big difference.  Whether or not your coupon gets clicked on might be a question of standing out enough. If you make your links/buttons more obvious, chances are more visitors will click on it.

So what should the coupon or button say? Expiration dates always light a fire in me. It gives the readers a sense of urgency and feeling that the deal is happening now! Not only that but you are also giving yourself flexibility with the kinds of deals you are offering.  Fine print is another thing to keep in mind – it’s annoying but it’s a must. Given that it is annoying for the reader, you want to limit it. Nobody wants to read the ALL the exclusion and limitations in the fine print. If you need to say something in that section, make it short and sweet.

You want to keep the readers’ attention so frequency is key – but how much is too much? Readers will unsubscribe if they are getting too many emails from you.  It all depends on how you present your deal to the customers. Decide on the number of emails you plan on sending out and stick to that number – it could be once a week, twice a week, or every other week – whatever works for you. You could also offer your subscribers the option to choose their frequency. They will feel in control of their emails and can choose what works for them.  What is important here is communication – the more you let your subscribers know, the more in control they will feel and it will be less likely for them to unsubscribe.

Let us know what works and doesn’t work for you!

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