The Kind of Traffic We Like To Be In

trafficsignWant to get traffic on your site? Links are your answer, in particular backlinks! It’s one of the oldest and best ways to get your search engine ranking to go up and to get visitors from other sites to come to yours. Google, as we all know, highly values quality inbound links to a site with a higher ranking. At the same time, let’s keep in mind that it’s quality over quantity that you should pay attention to. A good dozen of links to your site from related high quality sites are a much better look than say hundreds of low quality links. For example, you never want to get involved site that say will automatically exchange links with you. You will end exchanging links with low quality sites that aren’t even related to your business.  This is the time to play hard to get and not say yes to every site.

One of the hardest links to get, yet the most valuable, is an inbound link – the task is even harder if it’s from a website in your industry. Why is it so precious you ask? Well it’s the fact that someone out there has visited your site and is giving you their stamp of approval. This begins a domino effect once it is repeated over and over again by others on the web. You will then achieve what everyone is looking for – web traffic!

Let’s discuss how it can be done. Start a profile on a social network but make sure that you commit to being active on it. Take full advantage of linking to your site and blog. This will really help your site’s visibility and build links as well. I would also make sure that your personal social media profiles are all up to date as well – always include links to your site on your personal pages. The advantage is not just for SEO, it is also for the other members and readers of that site to clearly understand what your site and business is about.

Another great way to get your site out there is to publish articles. Your original articles can be submitted to be published on article directories. There are sites  like and  that offer free membership and an opportunity to post your articles on their site.  Anyone and everyone with enough initiative can write an article for world to read. If you are good at writing with a little humor, this would be the perfect time to showcase that skill. Humor is quite powerful and can attract an audience in no time. The plus here is that you control the content of the piece and share only what you want with your readers and that includes links. The audience will then be able to click on the links in your article that leads to your site or blog and voila – you have traffic.

I wouldn’t say that any of these strategies are hard but they do require time, focus and energy. Don’t try to do all these at once but focus one that you think you can devote the most time to and you will be reaping the benefits of a flourishing website in no time.

Not sure what your website traffic looks like? Our website analytics can help with that.

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