What’s a New Season Without New Templates and New Colors!

FallTemplatesFall is almost upon us and the kids are getting ready to go back to school. To celebrate this upcoming change in the season we have put together some fall color palettes to help you with your seasonal email and social templates.  We have also released 10 new general templates to help give you even more options. To help you find them we have tagged them and a simple search of “Fall 2013” will reveal them to you.

For the fall color palettes below we have listed each color’s HEX code. This way you can simply copy and paste the code into our color picker in the template editor and you’ll be on your way to a fall themed template.


Hex Colors: f5580c / f58a0c / fdcc48


Hex Colors: b80000 / f5580c / f4b34e


Hex Colors: 764901 / c94b0d / fd9b00


Hex Colors: 862d05 / d16b39 / ffc365


Hex Colors: d24e14 / 6f2c0a / e67109

Do you have any great fall colors you want to share with us? Post them in the comments section for all to see.


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