Email Marketing Helps You Go Green on Earth Day, and Always

email and fresh grassToday is Earth Day, and everywhere you look, people are talking about “going green.”

It’s true of businesses too: Whether they’re promoting earth-friendly practices like recycling paper and plastic, encouraging employees to ride their bikes to work, or offering a discount to customers who use recycled bags when they shop, everyone is trying to help the planet today.

Of course, Earth Day is something that should be celebrated every day. It doesn’t have to be a holiday for you to make changes that have a big effect on your business and the environment.

If you ask me, riding your bike to work every day is a little extreme — especially if your typical attire is a suit and tie (not that mine is). But you can do other things, like cut down on the amount of paper and unnecessary items you might be wasting every day. For example, keeping a recycling basket near your printer and reusing pages when possible can go a long way towards minimizing the amount of paper used and the reducing the costs incurred by buying all those reams.

“Going green” can extend beyond your daily internal business practices, though.

By switching from direct mail to email marketing, you can save a few trees — and more than a few dollars too. Think of all the paper, envelopes, ink, etc. that goes into sending out a coupon on a postcard, printing a flyer advertising an upcoming event, or publishing a costly book of product images and sending it to all the people on your list. Not only is it time consuming, it’s a huge waste of money.

For one thing, you never know when these things arrived in the recipients’ mailboxes, or if they even received them at all. You also have no idea if recipients took the time to read your information, or if it just went straight to their trash can. And once a sale has passed or a newsletter becomes outdated, the printed piece you worked so hard on gets thrown away. (It’s sad, but true.)

With email marketing, you can send your newsletters without using any paper products, and you can send more information, linking subscribers to whatever it is they need to know. You’ll know who opened your message and when, and what links they clicked on.

Best of all, you can provide a specific call to action that will lead to purchases and drive real results.

And when the recipient wants to get rid of the email, even if they click the delete button, the information is still accessible on your blog, or elsewhere, if you’ve archived it. There’s no extra trash or waste.

Now, it’s understandable that everyone needs to use paper in some way. And there is always going to be product waste. But why not cut back where you can? You can help the environment and your business simply by changing your marketing strategy and going with email marketing instead of direct mail.

How is your business going green today (and always)? Tell us about your environment-friendly practices in the comments section below.


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