Do you have a blog? NO!? You should!

Blog DefinitionBlogging seems like something that started not too long but actually it started to take off in the 90’s. The idea behind it was to offer a unique way for people to share their point of view, frame of mind, experiences, and thoughts.

In this day and age, every Tom, Dick, and Harry has a blog. From Fortune 500 companies to mom-and-pop shops, companies are making the most of blogging to grow their digital presence. As a matter of fact, if your company site does not have a blog that is kept up with on a regular basis, then you are missing out on a huge chance to increase your firm’s visibility and, as a result, increase your digital reach.

In today’s world, your company must have that something to make it stand out. Your business must have an influential online presence in order to be able to stand out amongst the other players. If you want to be the company that comes up at the top of the list when someone searches for a business in your industry, you need to have effective search engine optimization. Having a blog and adding unique, high quality content, is one the most effective ways to increase your search engine rankings. With blogging, you can link to your homepage and other landing pages using keyword-rich text links. This can help all of the pages on your site rank higher instead of just the homepage.

Blogging is a great way to attract new customers. This is how you can show your prospective new customer just how committed you are to providing solutions along with fresh ideas. Trust and credibility is very important to potential clients. By proving reliability and knowledge, you are building a level of confidence that the customer is looking for as not all companies, whether online or not, can be trustworthy.

Another thing to keep in mind is particular geographies. Blogging makes it that much easier for you to aim for a specific geographic location. This way, you attract the readers who are in fact interested in what you are offering.  This is really significant if your business tailors to a specific geographic region. Also, blog titles/posts can be enhanced for particular cities so that prospective reader/customer can find you.

Be sure to make blogging one of your top priorities!

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