Common SEO Mistakes


We all make mistakes – it happens. Nobody expects you to know every detail without stumbling upon some errors along the way. When it comes to SEO, there are a few common ones that we can help you be aware of and avoid.

Let’s begin with the most common one – duplicate content. Duplicate content can happen without you even realizing it and it can very destructive to SEO. When search engines catch this content, they don’t know which one to index and after a while they will stop showing your content all together. Duplicate content can come in different forms – homepage duplication, duplicate URLs, different webpages can have nearly similar content as yours and so on. If you have many pages with alike content, you should contemplate expanding each page or merging the two pages into one. Also, you could separate it into two pages and write exclusive content for each location. Another thing to think through is deleting duplicate page versions of your content.

Only focusing on Meta data is another common mistake. Having quality content on your webpages is just as, if not more important. In the beginning, SEO was all about Meta keywords and Meta descriptions. This Meta data, which is hidden to the viewer, is where all the keywords for the website would be placed, allowing the search engine to send traffic from related searches. The problem was that you could put anything you want in the Meta data and it’s didn’t even have to relate to your website. Now, as search engines have become more advanced Meta data has become less important. Search engines now place more importance on the content on you webpages. This allows them to get a better understanding of what kind of website you truly have. In order for you to create higher SEO quality content you need to include your keywords in your headlines, body content, alt tags and title tags. This will help improve your listing and insure better and more accurate traffic to your website.

Poor site structure is another issue you can run into. During the course of building your website, your website developer might not incorporate best SEO methods into the structure. A web developer is not an SEO specialist so an overlooked aspect of site structure is fairly common.  Your home page is the more significant given that it will have the most incoming links and the best quality of inbound links. Authority of pages is based on the links on those pages. For every step away a web page is from the home page, the less authority it will have aka it won’t rank too high. You want to make sure that the site structure is intuitive and easy to navigate for the users.

SEO isn’t easy, fast or cheap. Our suggested SEO method is to fully enhance your onsite search engines, your landing pages, develop great content and generate high quality links to your site.

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