Survey Says….

Survey KeyboardCheck your inbox and I am sure there are a few surveys that you’ve received from several vendors. Surveys are everywhere. Companies rely heavily on customer satisfaction so what’s a better way to understand your customer if not a survey? Keep in mind that not all surveys are created equal. The ones that aren’t put together well will bring you inaccurate results or worse – target the wrong audience and yet again it will produce inaccurate results. You want to get good data from a survey? Then you must develop a great survey questionnaire. Regardless if you are mailing out your surveys or doing them online, you will need to know the steps of perfecting a survey questionnaire.

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Are you doing all that you can for your email list?

hand watering a plant with watering-canLet’s go back to the basics – if you want something to grow, you need to feed and water it right? Well the same goes for your email list. So what are you doing to improve your list? You can go with the trusty ways of pushing for better search, more advertising, increased social presence. But the results are always more visitors to the site but not necessarily more revenue.

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Are your Email Campaigns getting Abuse Complaints?

SpamSign2Junk mail – it’s evil and we all get it. Almost every website out there has a link concerning “email abuse”. But what does “email abuse” even mean? It occurs when unwanted spam is sent, such as third party ads, offensive content and even threats via email.  When the recipient reports the email as spam, the sender receives an abuse complaint. The process that alerts senders about the abuse complaint is called a Feedback Loop

In the Feedback Loop, the ISP of the person receiving the email reports the complaint back to sender.  The Feedback Loop process is very important to you as a sender, because it will directly affect how your emails are delivered in the future.  The more complaints you have, the less likely your email is to land in inboxes.  Chances are that your email will go to the junk folder next time.

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Measuring the Success of your Event

ticket and calendarAfter months of planning, your event has finally taken place and it went great!  Well, you THINK it went great, but do you know if your guests felt the same way?  Sometimes when you are so involved in the details, you might miss things that your guests notice right away.  You may even find out that people thought it was even better than you thought.  Getting insights from your attendees will help you understand what worked and what didn’t, allowing you to better plan your next event to make sure that it is an overwhelming success!

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An Opened Newsletter doesn’t Necessarily Mean a Read Newsletter

Web_Survey2Do you spend time each week, month or quarter putting together a newsletter to share with your customers?  If you put the time and effort into a newsletter, you want to make sure that it’s being read and, more importantly, that it’s encouraging your customers to take action. General statistics will show you who opened it and who clicked on what links, but, unless you are sitting next to them, it’s really hard to tell if they actually read any part of it, let alone the whole thing.  Just because they opened it, doesn’t mean they read it. Why not spend some time this summer asking your audience for some feedback?

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Top 8 Secrets for Writing Survey Questions That Will Get You the Answers You Need

Magnifying Glass - QuestionsSo you’ve decided to conduct an online survey.

You know why you’re doing it, who you’re going to ask, and what you want to learn.

Now comes the fun part: Creating the survey and writing questions that will get you the answers you need. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? But don’t take this step too lightly. After all, if you don’t ask your questions the right way, you won’t get the answers you need.


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Create an Online Survey That Will Make Your Customers Smile

BewertungYou have questions, and your customers have the answers.

So what are you waiting for? Ask away in an online survey!

But before you hit Send, let us ask you a question: Is your survey set up to get the most responses possible?

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