Everything is Better in Bulk

Bulk EmailsWhen it comes to any business, whether you already have clients or trying to get new ones, you still need to communicate with them. If there isn’t a regular communication between the two parties, the businesses most likely lose market. But who has the time to draft a unique email to everyone on their subscriber list? By the time you’re done with all the individual emails, you have no time to actually focus on other aspects of your growing business.

The answer to this issue is bulk email. This allows the sender to have an enterprise to send out the same email to all your recipients at the same time. Once your content is there and ready to be sent, you can have your email set up on a schedule for when you want to send it out. This comes in handy if you want the recipients to get your email during work hours, lunch time, at night or on the weekend. You will be able to figure out based on your analysis of several times on what is the best time to reach out to your recipients to get the best results.

Companies can create different email content for different niches within their industry. For instance, if you are reaching out to a younger audience, you might have a different tone in your email versus an email that is being sent out to the older readers. You can also make is to more specific by gender – you can tweak emails that are being sent to women specifically to adhere to their taste.  By creating these custom emails, it is more likely that they will be read.

If you’re concerned about your bulk emails coming off cold and personal, using mail-merge can bring a warm and personal touch to your emails. Mail-merge allows you to insert user specific content into an email by making it more personal and customized for each recipient. For example, it can be something as simple as inserting the recipient’s name into the opening of the email.

Give us a try, you will be able to manage your contacts, create custom templates, incorporate results and track the emails you send.

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