Employee Pick – The Secret Family Recipe

PeanutButterPiePosted by Dan

Since as far back as I can remember every special event at my parent’s house has always included one thing. No matter what the holiday or special occasion there has always been a Peanut Butter Pie involved. It is my absolute favorite dessert. I can’t tell you how much I love Peanut Butter just by itself and when you mixed it with gram crackers, chocolate, whipped cream and a glass of cold milk the experience and taste is even more incredible. It took me years to get the recipe from my mother, but finally it happened and I was able to bake my own Peanut Butter Pie and make it a tradition at my house.

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Customize your Template with Sliding Blocks

Sliding BlocksCustomers can now reorganize cells horizontally within template blocks from our template builder. This can be done with any templates that were built with the template builder. The ability to reorganize cells allows greater flexibility with customizing your templates. For example, you can now easily move an image from the right to the left within a block of your template. Watch the video tutorial below to see how.
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Are your Email Campaigns getting Abuse Complaints?

SpamSign2Junk mail – it’s evil and we all get it. Almost every website out there has a link concerning “email abuse”. But what does “email abuse” even mean? It occurs when unwanted spam is sent, such as third party ads, offensive content and even threats via email.  When the recipient reports the email as spam, the sender receives an abuse complaint. The process that alerts senders about the abuse complaint is called a Feedback Loop

In the Feedback Loop, the ISP of the person receiving the email reports the complaint back to sender.  The Feedback Loop process is very important to you as a sender, because it will directly affect how your emails are delivered in the future.  The more complaints you have, the less likely your email is to land in inboxes.  Chances are that your email will go to the junk folder next time.

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Add a Mailing List Subscription Widget to your Website

jmmlCustomers can now create a custom widget that is placed on their website which allows their visitors to sign up for their ConnectedView mailing list. The widget can be customized in several ways. You can select which fields should be shown, which list categories the subscribers should be added to and even the theme. The text of the button and of the header can be changed as well as the colors and text size for both. Below is a video tutorial that will show you how to create your own.

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Measuring the Success of your Event

ticket and calendarAfter months of planning, your event has finally taken place and it went great!  Well, you THINK it went great, but do you know if your guests felt the same way?  Sometimes when you are so involved in the details, you might miss things that your guests notice right away.  You may even find out that people thought it was even better than you thought.  Getting insights from your attendees will help you understand what worked and what didn’t, allowing you to better plan your next event to make sure that it is an overwhelming success!

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Add Rotating Images to your Templates

Every where you go on the internet these day animated GIF’s seem to be taking over. GIF’s or Graphics Interchange Format are just simple 8 bit per pixel images but when they are animated they become even more powerful. They allow us to easily share clips from our favorite TV show or funny moments from pop culture with text captions all with a small file size. It’s because of this recent craze that we have decided to add this functionality to our template editor. Yes you heard me, you can now add rotating images to your email and social templates.

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What’s a New Season Without New Templates and New Colors!

FallTemplatesFall is almost upon us and the kids are getting ready to go back to school. To celebrate this upcoming change in the season we have put together some fall color palettes to help you with your seasonal email and social templates.  We have also released 10 new general templates to help give you even more options. To help you find them we have tagged them and a simple search of “Fall 2013” will reveal them to you.

For the fall color palettes below we have listed each color’s HEX code. This way you can simply copy and paste the code into our color picker in the template editor and you’ll be on your way to a fall themed template.

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