Are your Email Campaigns getting Abuse Complaints?

SpamSign2Junk mail – it’s evil and we all get it. Almost every website out there has a link concerning “email abuse”. But what does “email abuse” even mean? It occurs when unwanted spam is sent, such as third party ads, offensive content and even threats via email.  When the recipient reports the email as spam, the sender receives an abuse complaint. The process that alerts senders about the abuse complaint is called a Feedback Loop

In the Feedback Loop, the ISP of the person receiving the email reports the complaint back to sender.  The Feedback Loop process is very important to you as a sender, because it will directly affect how your emails are delivered in the future.  The more complaints you have, the less likely your email is to land in inboxes.  Chances are that your email will go to the junk folder next time.

If you are a ConnectedView customer, the abuse complaints are sent directly to us.  This helps us to monitor all of our customers and protect everyone’s sending reputation.  Maintaining good sending reputations helps us have the maximum deliverability rates possible for all of our customers.

The best practice is to unsubscribe any recipient that reports your email as abuse.  ConnectedView automatically unsubscribes abuse complaints in your account.  That recipient will not receive future communication from you, which will prevent future complaints. If you would like to see which recipients are marking your emails as spam, you can view this on the “All Recipients” page. Each person will be unsubscribed and the reason given will be “Abuse Report”. It is important to monitor these complaints, as they can quickly cause your emails to not be delivered.

ConnectedView will be offering enhanced abuse complaint reporting in the near future.  In the meantime, let us know if you have questions and we’d be happy to walk you through the process!

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