A to Z of Online Marketing

female hands and keyboardsKeeping up with your online marketing can be overwhelming. With everyday distractions, it’s easy to lose focus on how you are communicating with your customers and who is coming to your website. We’ve tried to simplify the important details into a simple list of A, B, Cs to help you maintain your online marketing while running your day-to-day operations.

A Audience – know who your audience is for the content that you are sending – if they are not interested, they probably won’t open your email or click on the link

BBuild – build your recipient list by making it easy for people to opt-in to your mailing list on your website and social media pages

CCoupon – add a coupon to your email or survey to provide an extra incentive to your recipients

DDeliverability – ensure a high deliverability rate for your emails by keeping your list clean and managing the frequency that you correspond with your recipients

EExcite – create excitement for your recipients by adding a quick poll or trivia game to your newsletter

FFrequency – it’s never a good idea to send too many emails to your audience – they will soon start to ignore them if they don’t think they are worth opening

GGenerate – generate brand recognition by keeping your color schemes and template designs consistent

HHonor – quickly honor any requests to be unsubscribed from your list so that you are less likely to be reported as someone who sends spam

IImages – use crisp, meaningful images in your email and don’t include too many

JJargon – avoid using any jargon in your communication – your audience will appreciate a simple message that is easy to understand

KKnow – know who is coming to your website, what they are looking at and how they got there

LLinks – provide helpful links in your email so that people can quickly find the information that they are interested in

MMonitor – it’s a good idea to monitor your website from a technical point-of-view to make sure that it is easy for search engines to find

NNetwork – grow your network of recipients and supporters by easily pushing your emails and surveys to your social media pages

OOptimize – optimize your message by segmenting your lists and sending a targeted email to the people who are most interested

PProvide – make it easy for your audience to find out more by providing a custom button in your email to make an important link really stand out

QQuantify – see how your emails, surveys and polls affect your website traffic so you can quantify how well they were received

RResults – be sure to check your campaign results so that you can follow up with the people showing the most interest in your campaigns

SSurvey – find out what your audience is interested in and how often they want to hear from you

TTemplate – make sure your template matches your brand and test it to make sure it looks its best in different browsers and devices

UUnopened – follow up with the people who have not opened your emails and try to find out why – if they are just not interested, it’s probably best to unsubscribe them from your list

VValue – show your customers that you value them by only sending relevant content that they care about

WWebsite – keep your audience engaged while they are on your website by adding a link to your archived newsletters or a fun poll for them to take

XXerox – gone are the days of using the Xerox machine to copy your marketing materials – it has become increasingly important to focus on your online marketing

YYield – grow your business and yield better results by paying attention to inbound marketing as well as outbound marketing

ZZero In – check out how your website compares to your competition so you can zero-in on how to make yours stand out

We hope that these A, B, Cs will remind you to stay focused on the important aspects of online marketing and not to get overwhelmed in the details!

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