Is Your Website a Frightmare?

FrightmarePutting together a well-designed website is a somewhat easy job. That is not the issue here – it’s designing one that actually represents your business and speaks to your customers – that’s the trick. Well we’ve got a treat for you that will take away those fears. ConnectedView can show you the steps to take to make certain that you produce not only an effective SEO website, but makes sure that your target audience can find your website in their searches. By running the “Site Report Card”, you will be able to drill down on the exact issues you need to focus on – Images, Links, Keywords, Backlinks, and Sitemap.

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Should I test before I send? YES!

Tested Stamp Shows Approved Or PassedGiven that different email programs will show your HTML email in different ways, it’s always a good idea to carefully check your campaign. Once you are constructing your email campaign, you will see it in a browser preview. When you actually send it out however, that exact same email will be seen in any number of different ways. For example – Desktop email apps such as Outlook or Apple Mail, web based email such as Gmail or Hotmail and more and more on smart phones and devices like an iPad.

The email you sent could be rendered differently in an email client versus a browser, and it might look differently in Outlook than it would in Gmail. And as if that isn’t enough, there are certain web based email platforms that actually work differently depending on the browser you access them through. What should you be looking out for? Well, the kinds of dissimilarities you may see could contain padding and margin deviations, spacing, background pictures not showing up, CSS being overlooked and much, much more.

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Employee Pick – The Secret Family Recipe

PeanutButterPiePosted by Dan

Since as far back as I can remember every special event at my parent’s house has always included one thing. No matter what the holiday or special occasion there has always been a Peanut Butter Pie involved. It is my absolute favorite dessert. I can’t tell you how much I love Peanut Butter just by itself and when you mixed it with gram crackers, chocolate, whipped cream and a glass of cold milk the experience and taste is even more incredible. It took me years to get the recipe from my mother, but finally it happened and I was able to bake my own Peanut Butter Pie and make it a tradition at my house.

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Customize your Template with Sliding Blocks

Sliding BlocksCustomers can now reorganize cells horizontally within template blocks from our template builder. This can be done with any templates that were built with the template builder. The ability to reorganize cells allows greater flexibility with customizing your templates. For example, you can now easily move an image from the right to the left within a block of your template. Watch the video tutorial below to see how.
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