What’s a New Season Without New Templates and New Colors!

FallTemplatesFall is almost upon us and the kids are getting ready to go back to school. To celebrate this upcoming change in the season we have put together some fall color palettes to help you with your seasonal email and social templates.  We have also released 10 new general templates to help give you even more options. To help you find them we have tagged them and a simple search of “Fall 2013” will reveal them to you.

For the fall color palettes below we have listed each color’s HEX code. This way you can simply copy and paste the code into our color picker in the template editor and you’ll be on your way to a fall themed template.

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Are your website images working?

BrokenImageYou may have the most beautiful images on your website, but do you know if the search engines like them too?  Search engines look to the attributes of the images in order to understand what they are there for.  Having the right information on each image, will help the search engines to properly index your website, and, therefore, help you to rank higher in search results.  Below are a few things to double-check in regards to your images:

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Release Notes for Version 4.0

cv4_update2Today we released the latest version of our software, version 4.0. So we thought we would share with you the release notes and introduce some of the exciting new features that we have added. The three features we are highlighting in this post are rotating pictures, sliding blocks and the join my mailing list widget. All are available today. Below are descriptions of all three of these features.

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The Technical Side of ConnectedView Email Templates

Email_Diagram1Do you like building your own HTML email templates in a third party’s software like Dreamweaver or Notepad Plus Plus?

Or maybe your business just has an old email template that was created by an independent designer.

If so, you may have noticed that when you upload those templates into ConnectedView, some of the great functionality inside our HTML editor doesn’t always work the way it should. For example, our HTML editor allows you to reorganize your email template’s layout by dragging and dropping the individual layout blocks.  For this functionality to work, certain ID tags need to be included in the templates to help our editor recognize the different parts. So we figured we would take the time to share with you how we construct our template so that with a couple tweaks you can get the best experience with our software and your templates.

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