Employee Pick – A Trip to Greece, No Passport Necessary

MoussakaPosted by Diana

Given that I am willing to try anything when it comes to food, (well almost anything – no bugs please and thank you) I decided to get away from my usual bacon filled dishes and try to make something I have yet to master. One Saturday night I decided that it was time to visit Greece via my friend’s kitchen. What to make, what to make? Stuffed grapes leaves? Nah, where would I get the leaves? Lamb rack? Nah, too much carving for my taste. Ouzo? Getting closer but I can just buy that later. Moussaka you say? Yes, right up my alley! I love comfort food and this is Greek comfort food at its finest ladies and gentlemen. I dare you to go into any Greek restaurant and not find it on the menu. If that should ever happen – leave a.s.a.p. as they are not worthy! It’s like lasagna but not really. Close your eyes, well after you looked at the picture, and imagine the taste and smell of this layered, bubbly baked casserole of lamb, beef, eggplant, fresh herbs, a hint of nutmeg and my fave – béchamel sauce (drool). Open your eyes, run to your “Greek for the night” kitchen and start cooking!

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Make a Splash This Summer Season!

Summer saleSummer officially started just a few days ago but oh boy the warmer temperatures have really taken over. You know what this means – time for small businesses to get imaginative with their marketing strategies. So what if you don’t sell items that are summery, you can still be summery with your campaign theme right?

Here are five summery ways to increase revenue and build up your name this season.

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Are your website pages the best that they can be?

Internet WebsitesYour website looks great, but do you know if your pages are up to par from a search engine’s point of view?  Search engines look for particular criteria as part of their process in determining where your website appears in search results.  It’s important to make sure that each of your pages is technically optimized so that they perform as well as they look.  Here are a few items for you to review on your pages:

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Are you paying attention to what your website visitors are telling you?

Magnifier glass signYou may be tracking the visitors to your website and the pages that they are looking at, but are you paying attention to the important information that they are revealing to you during their visit?  Here are a few valuable things you could learn about your online marketing practices:

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A to Z of Online Marketing

female hands and keyboardsKeeping up with your online marketing can be overwhelming. With everyday distractions, it’s easy to lose focus on how you are communicating with your customers and who is coming to your website. We’ve tried to simplify the important details into a simple list of A, B, Cs to help you maintain your online marketing while running your day-to-day operations.
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